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How to Report Potential Fraud and Abuse

If you suspect Fraud or Abuse, please call our confidential Fraud and Abuse Hotline at
1-866-255-1154 or send an e-mail to our confidential e-mail address at You have the right to remain anonymous. All reported concerns are kept strictly confidential.

South Carolina Solutions has established an organization-wide Fraud and Abuse Program. The goals of our Fraud and Abuse Program are:

  • To protect the integrity of the health plans we administer, our providers, and members through the diligent enforcement of compliant business practices
  • To comply with state and federal requirements regarding the detection and resolution of fraud and abuse
  • To establish a culture of commitment to compliance and integrity in reporting inappropriate conduct, suspected fraudulent activities and abusive patterns

All Activities conducted as part of the Fraud and Abuse Program will be designed and implemented in compliance with state and federal regulations related to confidentiality including but not limited to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

For more information contact:

Compliance Officer: Nancy DiGioacchino

Phone: 866-255-1154